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Best Windows For Rainy Season | Low E Windows

June 16, 2021

If you live in an area that's always wet and have the monsoon clouds perpetually over your head, then...

If you live in an area that's always wet and have the monsoon clouds perpetually over your head, then you must be looking for a house with rainy season windows. This means that you will want windows that can protect you and your house from the strong winds and cold rain without making you shiver inside your home.

So with a variety of windows available at your disposal, you must be wondering which one will be right for the rainy season. So to help you pick out your rainy season window, we are here. Here we will talk about all the factors which you should keep in mind while selecting one and which windows come with those features. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Windows For Rainy Season

Here are the factors that you should consider while choosing the windows for your rainy season: 

  • It Needs To Be Waterproof
Whether you are buying a casement window Arizona or a Unilux one, you need to make sure that it is waterproof. After all, if the glass and frame isn't waterproof, then it can result in your glass window becoming fogged up. In worst case scenarios, the heavy onslaught of rain can break the glass as well. 

Also, note that without a waterproof frame, the water sliding down from the glass can rot the frame and cause mold to form on it. As a result, you will have to invest in new windows frequently and be wary of the molds since it can spread all over the walls. So when looking waterproof window glasses, opt for Milgard ultra fiberglass

This fiberglass is strong as well as waterproof. So you can rest assured that it won't break under pressure from heavy rains and winds. Since it is waterproof so you can rest assured that no water will enter your house and dampen your home. As for the frame, get one which is waterproof as well. 

  • It Should Allow Light Inside
During rainy season there's less light due to the dark cloud cover. So when it's dark, cold, and damp all the time, then people want some respite from it. So they look for light. Know that one way to get light is by installing Unilux windows in Arizona or elsewhere with a severe monsoon season.

This is because these rainy season windows repel UV rays, but allow sunlight to get inside. As a result, your home will be flooded with light when the sun will grace your areaduring rainy season. Also, thanks to these windows you don't have to worry about UV rays discoloring your furniture and carpets. 

As such, you can use Unilux windows during summers as well. Also, we need to mention that this is another waterproof window. So it can prevent water from entering your home. 

  • It Needs To Be Energy Efficient
Whether you are choosing Unilux windows or Milgard ones, make sure that they come fitted with low-e glass. This is important because low-e glasses are energy efficient and that's important when it's cold and damp outside. These glasses are important of energy efficient windows because they trap the house heat inside and don't allow the outside cold air to get in. 

As a result, you don't have to keep your heater running all the time. So in the long run you will be able to save up on electricity bills. Know that low-e glasses are perfect for summers as well. After all, during the hot weather the glasses will block the hot air from entering. So, the air conditioned air can keep your home cool for long. 

  • It Should Be Watertight
We mentioned in the above points, that the window needs to be waterproof. But along with waterproof windows, you also need watertight ones. This means that the glass and frame of the window should be so well designed and fitted that water cannot get inside. It's easy to forget this little detail, but it's necessary to remember it if you don't want your house to get flooded during heavy rains. 


Know that if you want watertight windows then choose Unilux, Milgard, etc., windows which are fitted with low-e glasses. These windows won't budge even during the strongest of winds and rain. As for what kind of windows you should avoid, then beware of the sliding ones. Instead go for other designs like a casement one. 

  • It Needs To Be Strong
Heavy rains are often accompanied by high speed winds. So to ensure that your window doesn't burst open and allow the winds and rains to destroy your home, you need to choose one that is strong. This means that the window you are choosing should be made of fiberglass and come with a powerful frame. 


If you are looking for windows that will protect your home during rainy season, then these are the factors that you should consider. So always ensure that the window you are buying is energy efficient, waterproof, watertight, and allows light inside. If you can keep these in mind while choosing a window, then you will get a great one for your use.