Wood Windows

Wood is one of the greatest renewable resources available to us. It is timeless and represents classical and traditional beauty. Wood has character and individuality which gets represented in everything from the grain to its glaze. As such, wood floors and wood windows in Arizona or elsewhere in the world get used a lot.

or decades in Germany, Unilux Meisterfenster company has remained a market leader. So we aim to bring you the best wood windows in Az or elsewhere for use. We provide exotic, pine, and larch wood so that you can pair the durability of these with their design options.

We provide RAL colors as well as a sizeable collection of semi-transparent and transparent colors like beech, oak, walnut, and mahogany. Now that you know the wood types and colors, it’s time for you to know about the 2 design styles used in wood windows Arizona and in other regions that will work with any kind of architecture.


If you want to see a noticeable thermal performance variance in your wood windows in Arizona or elsewhere, then triple glazing is the technology you want. At Unilux, our aim is to provide higher quality. So we glaze all of our products with different glass packs. This helps achieve different varieties of security enhancement, energy efficiency, and also sound attenuation.

Choose from the following glass configurations:


The SuperThermo 3 is an affordable and popularly used tri-pane in wood windows in Az and other places. It comes with a 40mm, argon-filled up glass pack that has Guardian Low-E coverings present on surfaces of 5 and 2.

When we tested the Ug value and levels of the glazing, it returned with the numbers of 0.6 w/m2xxx. As such, you will get advanced thermal performance in any Wood Windows Arizona or elsewhere along with a great investment return on this.


UltraThermo 3 is like the previously stated SuperThermo 3, but the air space of its wood windows Arizona or in other regions is filled up with krypton and argon noble gases. These gases bump up the ug levels to 0.5 w/m2xxx which is rarified air.

As such, if you want superior and advanced quality, then UltraThermo 3 is the quality to go for. Note that when combined with the UltraTherm frame, this glass pack delivers a Passivhaus (Passive House) level of performance.


Want to boost the SHGC while simultaneously using solar energy? Then ThermoWhite 3 is what you want. It is created like the previous two glass packs, but the difference lies in the special coatings which are able to absorb better thermal energy.


“19th Century Philosopher John Ruskin said that there’s nothing in this world that can’t be degraded to sell a bit cheaply. But we don’t believe in this.”

19th Century English Philosopher John Ruskin

We have a straightforward philosophy- we firmly believe that the quality of our products depends on the quality of the materials used for building them. So we follow the highest standards and use high-quality materials to develop products intelligently. This ensures long-lasting and durable performance.

Unilux – Brand name security you can depend on.

Security is a factor that most people emphasize on. As such, we offer a tonne of enhancements that will keep your home safe and discourage thieves.


We offer affordable and effective SAFE programs that make break-ins difficult. We do this with the following 2 security enhancements:


The security enhancements offered by the Safe II acts as a useful and effective barrier that prevents unwanted attempts at prying open a window. These enhancements include mushroom head-bolts which are fixed to every locking point situated all around the sash perimeter.

This makes it pretty much impossible to remove the sash from its frame. Along with this, the handles of the windows come equipped with keyed locks or locking buttons that deter burglars further.


Safe III comes loaded with all the Safe II enhancements, but they have another barrier- a laminated glass. But this isn’t any laminated glass. It has been tested and fully surpasses the DIN standards in regards to forced entry.

That’s not all. The Safe III also provides superior UV protection and advanced sound reflection. So your wood windows in Arizona or elsewhere will come with 360-degree protection.

Do you have any questions regarding the DIN safety standards? Then read on:


DIN security and safety standards are high quality and tough. Out of all the security measures, Unilux windows comfortably meet these:

  • DIN EN 1627ff V
  • Resistance Class 2

Along with this, we can provide high-quality glasses that can even resist bomb blasts.


Safety is being prioritized a lot nowadays, and so construction standards now come with alarm systems. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to incorporate such improved systems into a home.

But, you won't face any such problems with us. All that is needed to install our alarm systems is an installer who can connect the pre-drilled wires and reed contacts already added to the hardware.


If superior sound protection is your goal, we offer special laminated glazings capable of ratings up to 46 DBs, all without altering the look of your windows.If you are after better sound protection, then you can get laminated glazings from us. These come with ratings upwards of 46 DBs. So you can relax inside your home in peace. The best advantage is that you don’t even have to alter your wood windows in AZ or other places for this.