Wooden Doors


Wood - timeless and renewable. No matter which options you choose - with our wood doors you always opt for masterful design. Select from pine , larch and exotic wood because we balance the natural resiliency of each species with exquisite design aesthetics.

Wood is a material of character, from the individuality of the grain to the color of the glaze. Let us show you the most beautiful side of wood doors.

In addition to RAL colors, Unilux offers a selection of transparent and semi-transparent colors (e.g. oak, cherry, mahogany)


Everyone puts a different emphasis on safety, therefore we offer several options to help repel thieves.


Base model Unilux doors feature an integrated locking system comprising of 3-point locking bolts and two pivoting hooks. This poses a severe problem for perpetrators, as it requires significant time and energy to separate the door panel from the frame. It is a robust standard, virtually impervious to unwanted break-ins.

Auch verfügen sämtliche Modelle über zwei bandseitige Aushebel-Sicherungen, die das gewaltsame Eindringen durch Hebeln massiv erschweren.

Last but not least bieten Türstärken von bis zu 79 Millimetern einen robusten natürlichen Schutz.


For those seeking the ultimate in security, UNILUX offers additional features to intensify the highest safety standard yet.

Automatic locking

Forgot to lock the door behind you? Do not worry. With this option, the door locks automatically, just by latching closed.

Trap door

More effective than a door chain, a trap door is used as an additional locking from the inside and as a door guard at the door easier to open. In this way it is made unwanted visits impossible to get your foot in the door.

4 & 5 point locking

Additional swivel hooks and latch guarantees burglars must spend more time to penetrate your home.

Safety glass

Thanks to laminated glass, even when glass is broken, it remains in place bonded together by a layer of polycarbonate between the separate panes. Once again, additional time will be required for burglars to gain access to your home.


3 wood species have been specifically chosen after rigorous testing. All Unilux wood profiles are pre-finished at the factory using an environmentally friendly four-phase water-borne process. Different finish offerings, specifically designed for each particular wood species, both protect the wood from harmful UV rays and enhance the natural character.

189 colors

  • 9 exclusive translucent colors for a superior UV-protection
  • 180 opaque colors (RAL colors)


  • Scandanavian Pine
  • Larch
  • Exotic Wood


Highline Avantgarde realizes your personal vision for groundbreaking design


Reduced to the essentials. Highline Design represents straightforward lines; aesthetics that withdraw themselves and leave long lasting effects.


Timeless beauty. Highline Harmony expresses the desire for security and durability. A style found again and again in generations past and anew.


Creativity knows no bounds. Highline Trend plays with lines, shapes, colors and materials, creating a composition reflecting your individuality.


Some things are best left alone. Highline Tradition captures classical craftsmanship, an intimacy that is inviting and a style that remains timeless.


The Junior Line is your entrance to UNILUX brand quality at a more affordable price. These are the ideal doors for those on a smaller budget who do not want to make a compromise in quality.


The difference between a Unilux door, and others, is clearly visible when you look closer. Our design incorporates numerous well-thought-out features when combined create doors of lasting beauty, durability and security second to none.

  • Overlap design comprised of three separate air seals
  • 3-piece, 3-dimensional hinges with safety catch
  • Accessible Threshold, thermally isolated from condensation inside
  • Continuous lock bar for enhanced burglar protection
  • Upon request, door catch option (invisible door chain)
  • Solid frame, up to 80mm deep
  • Integrated "anti-distortion" steel reinforcement provides superior stability
  • Strike plates from steel
  • Automatic, self-locking standard feature
  • High-quality German engineered hardware
  • 4 wood species (oak, pine, larch and exotic wood)
  • Multi-layered high-tech composite construction of aluminum and wood
  • Aluminum deposits in specific locations enhance stability
  • Up = 0,9 Specially engineered core increases thermal efficiency and soundproofing
  • Electronic locking features available in the following configurations:
    • - Fingerprint
    • - Combination Lock
    • - Chip
    • - Remote Control