Classic Casement Interior

Advantages of Aluminum Frames

  • Slim Profile
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Narrow Sightlines

Strong and also light, the Milgard aluminum series of doors and windows can be molded into any of the combinations you desire. In fact, multi-paneled glass walls also get utilized in frames of Milgard aluminum in Arizona and elsewhere to allow for outdoor/indoor living.

Know that the narrow frame allows the focus to be on the attached glass and the view seen through it. Also, these windows come with baked-on and anodized finishes that prevent the erosion of color. Note that along with the color, the mechanically sealed corners also stay durable over multiple years.

Now, aluminum is quite water-resistant, but even then it might not be ideal if you have a beach home. After all, it can suffer from saltwater and air corrosion that can affect the frame and hardware performance.

Aluminum is a great conductor of cold and heat so, thermally improved frames of Milgard aluminum in Arizona and select regions are offered. These improved doors and windows come loaded with high-quality thermal breaks that separate the exterior and interior surfaces and lessen any heat transfer.