About Us

Our Mission Objective

Meeting Your Needs Every Time You as Homeowners are happy with your choices. We as Dealers feel great about selling. Builders and architects take pride in their projects being built with top quality material. Team members celebrate their accomplishments.

We reach these successes by selling first-class windows only and the finest experiences — bringing integrity to every relationship and precision to every detail we become aware of — because we take your success and satisfaction personally.

As suppliers of high-quality windows for remodeling, replacement, and new construction projects, our customers count on us to provide a proven product backed by exemplary customer service that goes above and beyond.

There’s so much that goes on behind our windows to ensure a positive experience for homeowners, our professional partners and our team members — from the relationships we build, to our relentless attention to detail and the spectrum of products we carry

The Low-E Windows Difference

Better Service than the competition. It’s Our Way of Business Pursuing 100% — Every Day, Every Order, Every Time Simplified Selection through Strong Customer Support and Interaction and an extra effort to Understand Customer Needs

Our History

The owner, David, who is originally from Austria, worked in a traditional family owned and operated carpentry part time while going to school from the age of 15. During this time he fell in love with everything building and creating.

In 2011 he moved with his entire family from Austria to Arizona and fell in love with the state and it’s people. Initially the plan was to stay for three years only, but this plan was revised and together with his Family he will stay in Arizona permanently.

In 2015 he got the opportunity to work with Doorman Stan and his Door & Trim Specialists team. In the course of the responsibilities he had in the company he developed a particular liking of the windows side of the business.

In 2018 he registered his own window business and wanted to start his operation in the beginning of 2019. There was so much going on in the door side of the operation that this plan was postponed to 2020

After either being directly in the building industry or working on building projects for 35 years David still loves what he does. The projects he did over the decades include new construction as well as the restauration of centuries old homes in Europe and in the Mediterranean region of Europe.

David works with a small dedicated and committed team that love to do what they do. The companies success is based on the principle of all employees conducting their efforts as if they were the owner of the company.

As a family owned and operated business our hope is to continue providing quality products and services while we grow into the most trusted window merchant in the region. This will require time and a lot of effort, but as we enjoy coming to work every day it is the only way and aspiration to aim for that makes sense to us.